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An evaluation involves telling the author what is good with a manuscript and what needs further work, but does not give instructions on how to fix it. You are responsible for fixing the problems described.

Your entire manuscript (MS) is read and evaluated not only for writing skills, but for content. The categories in the screenshot below are carefully noted and any problems described. This is a checklist form covering many variables, and each category also contains a section for comments. Detailed documentation, including suggestions and links for additional reading, when appropriate, will be included. The form runs a minimum of eight pages, and the report will be returned via PDF. You'll also receive a copy of your MS with comments inserted.

MS Eval Screenshot Categories

$60 minimum charge
1¢* per word

This price is for an evaluation completed within a regular editing schedule. That means when you contact us and we agree to work together, you submit your MS and the Submission Form and that holds your place in the editing queue. See the FAQ page for additional information about scheduling.

Rush jobs are available with an additional charge:
$125 minimum charge
2¢ per word

  • 1–50,000 words can be returned within 36 hours 
  • 50,001–100,000 words can be returned within 72 hours

Rush jobs over 100,000 words are not accepted.

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